Barnes Creek at Lake Crescent


Below is an image of my most recent painting, completed on May 15, 2017. This is Barnes Creek, an inlet stream to Lake Crescent in Washington State.

The day was beautiful, sometime around early afternooon. I tried to capture the reflective light quality on the water.  Below is the process that got me to the final painting.

Antique Tractor – Blow by Blow

Once in a while someone will ask, “How did you do that?” I tend to work a bit representational, always have.

In general though, the following snap shots will show how I created the “Antique Tractor” watercolor painting.

Northwest Watercolors image.
Start with a tracing, then begin to add light tones with some detail.
Northwest Watercolors image.
More color, laying in basic tones of definite shapes.
Northwest Watercolors image.
More detail work and color tones, all still light. Paint in lighter tones inside engine compartment.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Dark tones carefully added; they can’t be erased. Back ground darkened for contrast.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Steering wheel in. Wheels started. Front grill detail is stepped up. Rust added.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Blue sky added. I had trouble with tires as hues were too different. Tire bottoms left out, as grass would go there.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Ground cover tones added – lighter first, then dark. Tractor basically done at this point.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Background tones strengthened to define shape of right head light and hood.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Trees emerge from dark ground colors. They help to further define shape of tractor. Not much detail used here.
Northwest Watercolors image.
More trees. Deepen shadows under tractor. Grass strokes added.
Northwest Watercolors image.
Dark trees added in background. More detail. Background uses loose strokes for most part. Rear fender defined.

Northwest Watercolors image.
All done. Grasses sketched in loosely. Dandy Lions planted with white and yellow paint.

Antique Tractor

This old Ford was sitting in a field not far from the house. I parked, ran out and snapped a picture, then high-tailed it back to my car before the property owner came out.

Glad I got a shot of it, because I recently noticed that it has disappeared from where it had been resting. Hope it found a good new home.

Northwest Watercolors - Antique Tractor
Antique Tractor – Watercolor on 70 lb. Arches


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